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  • Gyrated — Gyrate Gy rate (j[imac] r[=a]t), v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Gyrated} (j[imac] r[asl]*t[e^]d); p. pr. & vb. n. {Gyrating}.] [L. gyratus, p. p. of gyrare to gyrate. See {Gyre}, n.] To revolve round a central point; to move spirally about an axis, as a… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Gyrated tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb — The gyrated tetrahedral octahedral honeycomb or gyrated alternated cubic honeycomb is a space filling tessellation (or honeycomb) in Euclidean 3 space made up of octahedra and tetrahedra in a ratio of 1:2.It is vertex uniform with 8 tetrahedra… …   Wikipedia

  • Gyrated triangular prismatic honeycomb — The gyrated triangular prismatic honeycomb is a space filling tessellation (or honeycomb) in Euclidean 3 space made up of triangular prisms. It is vertex uniform with 12 triangular prisms per vertex.It can be seen as parallel planes of square… …   Wikipedia

  • gyrated — gy·rate || dÊ’aɪəreɪt /dÊ’aɪə reɪt v. rotate, move in spiral motion, whirl …   English contemporary dictionary

  • tragedy — gyrated …   Anagrams dictionary

  • Convex uniform honeycomb — The alternated cubic honeycomb is one of 28 space filling uniform tessellations in Euclidean 3 space, composed of alternating yellow tetrahedra and red octahedra. In geometry, a convex uniform honeycomb is a uniform tessellation which fills three …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematics articles (G) — NOTOC G G₂ G delta space G networks Gδ set G structure G test G127 G2 manifold G2 structure Gabor atom Gabor filter Gabor transform Gabor Wigner transform Gabow s algorithm Gabriel graph Gabriel s Horn Gain graph Gain group Galerkin method… …   Wikipedia

  • Semiregular 4-polytope — In geometry, a semiregular 4 polytope (or polychoron) is a 4 dimensional polytope which is vertex transitive (i.e. the symmetry group of the polytope acts transitively on the vertices) and whose cells are regular polyhedra. These represent a… …   Wikipedia

  • 2006 Winter Olympics opening ceremony — The Opening Ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics ( Torino 2006 ) was held on February 10, 2006 beginning at 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC) at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin, Italy.The ceremony was attended by 35,000 spectators with the presence of numerous… …   Wikipedia

  • gyrate — gy|rate [dʒaıˈreıt US ˈdʒaıreıt] v [Date: 1800 1900; : Late Latin; Origin: , past participle of gyrare, from Latin gyrus circle ] 1.) [I and T] to turn around fast in circles = ↑spin ▪ The dancers gyrated wildly to the beat of the music. 2.) if… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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